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Fence Washing

Sealing your pavers dramatically increases their lifespan. By protecting them from the elements, you will ensure their longevity. Don’t let this wonderful asset to your landscaping become a liability.

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The benefits of keeping your pavers properly sealed

Protect from staining

Pavers often experience vehicle drips, like oil or transmission fluid, or human spills, like coffee or other beverages. Without any kind of protection, these elements sink in and stain your pavers. Paver sealing prevents staining and ensures your drive and walkways will look great for years to come.

Improve appearance

Sealing brightens the appearance of pavers, even if they’re brand new. If you think your walkway already looks great, you haven’t seen anything yet. After we apply the seal, you will notice an enhanced color, smoother texture, and overall brightness.


Mold and algae thrive in moist, porous surfaces like driveway pavers. Left to grow, they cause permanent staining from deep within the tiles. Sealing your pavers makes them waterproof, keeping them dry and mildew-free.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is much easier on sealed products. Whether you plan to clean them yourself (after sealing) or hire Pressure Perfect to take care of the regular power washing, it’s essential to seal your pavers as soon as possible.

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